OZ Minerals

SmithAssociates was invited to pitch for the launch for OZ Minerals. This was a merger of two very different companies – Oxiana and Zinifex’ mining operations.

We invited our friends Envelope Group to partner with us, and together were awarded the project to create the new brand identity and campaign for Australia’s third largest diversified resources enterprise.

First we created all the materials involved in the pre-launch strategy and shareholder communications through the highly complex legalities and announcement requirements of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

SmithAssociates also managed an extensive employee engagement program to align two very different corporate cultures operating internationally – including remote Asian locations in Laos and the Philippines.

The production and managment logistics of the rollout included for head office and mining sites spread across 26 locations from Cambodia to Canada; across five countries and reproduced in four languages.

The launch included global press, print and digital advertising, front end development of the corporate website, the installation of large-scale signage and site branding and new uniforms and all collateral for 3900 employees and corporate needs.

The campaign had these key results:

  • Aligned two very different corporate cultures
  • Large scale global brand creation
  • 26 locations from Cambodia to Canada
  • All corporate and employee requirements
  • In four languages
  • From brief to completed in four months

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