Just Like That

Between 2000 – 2006 the ‘just like that’ campaign transformed what the government and the people of Tasmania could expect of the road safety campaign.

The brand and ‘finger snap’ theme were immediately taken up by the public and just two months after the campaign launched, the Road Safety Task Force recognised that community involvement with the just like that was unprecedented.

Most importantly, it contributed to a reduction of between 12% and 18% in serious road crashes during its first term, as well as to the first fatality-free Christmas holiday period since records began. During the period 2002-2006, there was a 25% decrease in serious injuries.

The campaign has won many national and international creative awards. Campaign material has been used nationally by other road safety authorities including globally regarded, TAC Victoria.

“Just like that has the highest recognition level we have recorded for an advertising campaign amongst any target group.”
Tony Hocking - Managing Director, EMRS Research

You Blew It

Independant research showed that the ‘You Blew It’ youth-oriented sub-campaign tracked instantaneously at extraordinary recall levels (high 90’s), only just short of those reached by the master brand ‘just like that’ (see separate case study) – which reached at one stage a staggering 98% recall with 17-29 year olds.

Created as a one minute music video, ‘You Blew It’ was so popular that radio stations received calls inquiring whether the song in the commercial was available to the public. The song was written and produced by SmithAssociates and the video filmed, directed and produced by SmithAssociates.

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