How we made sense of the past and future, for a new generation of parents and carers.

For the people of Port Pirie, living within the environment of an historic lead smelter community, recent research showed us that some of the time-honoured and basic practices for raising young children safely, had been forgotten for a new generation of families and carers, now that so much progress has been made in other areas of the city with the redevelopment of the smelter and other significant build projects. And all underpinned  by the whole-of-city reputational change banner, Port Pirie, Come See Change (See separate case study). Here's what we created.

Our insight for change. We needed to create a new listening for old messages, that would still make sense within an exisiting context that, ‘so much has changed’.

The campaign is presented by a cast of Port Pirie residents who featured in our campaign from 10 years ago, promoting these essential healthy tips. The tenby10 campaign was a great success back then. And with so many positive changes in Port Pirie since that time, the new campaign provides the right context to re-presence the importance of these tips for lowering blood lead levels.

The campaign also promotes a new micro-site, TLAP.TIPS where the tips are presented in a readily available and visual format, for people to access easily in their lives.

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